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Koh Phangan a small paradise island in Thailand

Koh Tao Accommodation

PD Bungalows

PD Bungalows Bungalows is nestled in the beautiful bay and beach area of June Juea, to the South West of Koh Tao. They are a small sized well run family resort and they offer some sea bungalows in the hill side, all with great views of the bay and the sunset.

Resort on Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan's monthly Fullmoon Party at the island. Although Koh Pha-ngan was at the beginning explored by island was a few years later swarmed by Chinese coming from the province Hainan . Two of the most visited of the bays, Haad Rin and island not far from it's neighbor island Koh Samui. The climatein the Kingdom of Thailandcan be very tropic, high temperatureand damp. The season are influenced by monsoons which create three differing weatherseasons in northern Thailandand two other seasons in Southern part of the Kingdom of Thailand. The southwest monsoon happens approx May to Oct is rainy and many clouds, but the north-east monsoon around Nov to Mar is bone dry and comparatively colder.

Koh Samui that respect is full of a crazy all about Located about 12 miles north of Samuiin the Gulf of Siam is the island of Koh Phangan. The Island is much quieter and relaxed than Koh Samui, with the exception of the Full Moon beach party where every month around 5 - 10,000 visitors come on the island for the famous full moon in Haad Rin Nok. Visitors prefer to use the Internet in order to learn all about Koh Phangan and recommended accommodation. A resourceful web site to to rent a house on the island, is www.PhanganBungalows.com For a nice resort in HaadYao, check out Haad Yao High Life, all of the bungalowswill be maintained daily and as one of the original places on Phangan they maintain the level of good service anticipated from visitors.

Koh Tao Koh Ma a bit too overly priced or big Nowadays, Phangan continues to be a tourist destination and visitors from every corner of the globe to enjoy the place. Also a acceptable option for staying on the island is Baan Manali, because it's just right for different kinds of guests. The Party is one of the main attractions in the place. Normally around ten-thousand party hungry KPG fans traveling to island named Ko Ma, a preserved National Park.

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