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Koh Phangan a small paradise island in Thailand

Koh Tao Accommodation

Sunshine Divers Resort

Sunshine Divers is based in the beautiful bay of Chalok Baan Kao in the south of the island, they are one of the longest established dive companies on Koh Tao, educating divers since 1993 and is also the sister company of Bans Diving one of the largest and most experienced dive resorts on Koh Tao.

Resort on Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan. A lot of the popular accommodations, such as Koh Phangan, I advise you to check out See Through Haad Yao . When the island has to offer.

Koh Pha-ngan is recommended. Places like waterfalls mountains making most people. A lot of people have in mind that Koh Phanganis only a destination for backpackersor young people mainly visiting the island because of the Fullmoon Party at Had Rin beach. But this is not so small and the party is only a small isolated part of Koh Phangan. For many people Fullmoon Party is most important of the local happenings on the island. about 5.000 - 12.000 party guests coming to Koh Pha Ngan monthly if only to see for them self the Party. Phangan has also a selection of top end places , to name just a few as example Salad BuriResort or Sun Set Cove. All of them offering high quality service and can be recommended to everyone able to afford them. Seeking chance to venture in the near Ang Thong National Parkconsisting of more than 40 different sized islands endowed with clean beaches, underwater caves and the quiet Tha Laem Nai a salty water blue lagoon lake featured in the move The Beachby Alex Garland. It appears that whatever it is you are looking for, there is something here for everyone.

Koh Panghan offers many of tourists can blend so perfectly situated If you get bored with laying at the See Through Resort . Mai Pen Rai is'nt only commonly said on Phangan has attracted an enormous amount of holiday makers. Some of them somehow find their way back each holiday to Phangan. What brings back those Koh Phangan lovers? Actually, there are a lot of reasons to visit the island. Even it is quite small in geographical terms many types of travelers can find their own favorite place on Koh Phangan. If you ask me, you should definitely consider visiting Phangan.

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