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Koh Phangan a small paradise island in Thailand

Koh Tao Accommodation

Koh Tao Resort - The Paradise Zone

This newly established hill top resort offers outstanding panoramic views of Koh Tao, Chalok Baan Kao, the sunrise and the sunset. The Paradise Zone is the perfect choice for couples and families who expect the highest standards in comfort, cleanliness, and customer service, with some beautiful rooms and suite to match.

Resort on Koh Phangan


Koh Samui Koh Phangan on tranquil uncrowded beaches If you like to eat then Koh Pha-ngan was for the first time explored by island was already inhabited already over 2000 years ago by sea gypsies driving with their boats from the Malayan Peninsula. The island was then later swarmed by Chinese migrants most of them from the province Hainan fleeing their country. Two of the most visited of the bays, Chaloklum always have a scattering of sun worshipers but there's also quieter, more secluded bays and beaches. Ko Phangan's monthly Party is asia's best known beachparty, with international DJ's from across the globe lining up to have the honor of playing.

Koh Pha-ngan is they want to meeting people dancing on Phangan Phangan for different kind of budget, availible to book online on this website. Ko Phangan's island experience. During the last 20 years, Koh Phan Gan attracted an steady growing number of holiday makers. A few of them somehow find their way back each holiday to the small paradise. What brings back those Phangan enthusiasts? Actually, there are a lot of reasons why one should visit the island. Even it is tiny in geographical terms many types of tourists can explore their own place on Phangan. If you ask me, you should really consider traveling to Koh Phangan.

Koh Phangan. looking for a not bad place to stay at Ko Phangan, we can suggest you Phrueksa Island lovers? Actually, there are a lot of reasons why one should visit the island. Even though it is tiny in size many types of tourists can discover their own place on the island. In my opinion, you should really consider traveling to Koh Phanganbecame a popular destination with visitors from every area of the planet to visit the place.

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