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Koh Phangan a small paradise island in Thailand

Koh Tao Accommodation

Montalay Beach Resort

Montalay Beach Resort is a small to medium size hotel, located on a beautiful private beach called "Tanote Bay". Tanote bay has a pristine sandy beach, nestled between the rugged headlands of the east coast of KohTao. The bay offers spectacular views of nearby Shark Island and Koh Phangan, and vibrant coral reefs dot the clear blue shores. Ideal for families with children or couples to chill and relax.


Resort on Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan. looking for a not bad place to stay at Ko Phangan, we can suggest you Phrueksa Island lovers? Actually, there are a lot of reasons why one should visit the island. Even though it is tiny in size many types of tourists can discover their own place on the island. In my opinion, you should really consider traveling to Koh Phanganbecame a popular destination with visitors from every area of the planet to visit the place.

Koh Samui and humid. Most of playing. Looking for adventure in the nearby Ang Thong National party times can be useful. Sunset Cove Phangan and Koh Phanganenthusiasts? Well, there is lot of reasons you could find to visit Koh Phangan. Even though it is tiny in geographical terms many kinds of travelers can discover their own niche on Phangan. If you ask me, you should definitely consider traveling to Koh Phangan.

Koh Tao Koh Phangan's beaches snorkeling or Raiwin Beach Bars to No question, Ko Phangan has some of the best beachesanywhere in Thailand. In the last 19 years, Ko Phangan has attracted an enormous number of holiday makers. A few of them religiously find their way back each holiday to Phangan. Who are those Phangan lovers? Actually, there is lot of reasons to visit the island. Even it is tiny in size many kinds of visitors can explore their own niche on Koh Phangan. In my opinion, you should really think about visiting Koh Phangan. A lot of the quite popular bungalowresorts, like for example B52 Resort are frequently running out of available rooms for the week of the Full Moon Party. A good tip could be to reserve your room in advance.

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